As you are busy planning and preparing for the perfect prom night, why not take the time to learn a little bit more about this special event? There’s actually a lot of interesting facts and information about the prom that will be of surprise and delight to learn. We’re here to share some of that information with you today. Are you ready to learn fun prom facts?

Dress Choices

The average parent drives 400 miles to find the perfect prom dress for their daughter! That’s a lot of driving to find a dress. It is easier than ever to find a prom dress without the excess mileage on the car when you shop online at formal wear shops like ThePromDresses. If you simply want to drive to enjoy the scenery, go ahead, but know that ThePromDresses and other online options are there to simplify your life.

Time to Prepare

The prom is such a big event, you simply cannot plan it in a night or even a week. In fact, the average teen spends six weeks planning for the prom. It’s safe to say that you should start preparing for your big day well in advance like most others.

The Prom History

Proms have been celebrated in high schools around the country for quite some time now. In fact, it was in the early 1900s that the first prom was held in a high school. And, as they say, the rest is history!

Prom Dress Numbers

If you purchase the first or second dress that you see for prom, you’d be breaking a trend. The average girl tries on 10 dresses before she is satisfied with the choice. How many dresses will you try on before the perfect one reveals itself to you?

Prom Dress Price

The prom dress is important and one of the biggest costs of the prom. Girls spend an average of $313 for their prom dress, although there’s many lower priced dresses out there if your budget isn’t quite so large.

Prom Costs

Speaking of costs, do you know the average amount of money spent on a high school prom? If you didn’t guess $1078, you’d be incorrect. This number reflects the average amount of money spent on prom night, including dress, hair, tux, makeup, limo, etc.

She’s a Prom Queen

Many celebrities have held the honors of prom queen during their time in high school. Could you be the next prom queen like these celebrities? Among the famous names that you might know who were prom queens:

·    Cindy Crawford

·    Halle Berry

·    Fergie


·    Lauren Conrad

The Most Money Spent

It is prom attendees in the Northeast of the U.S. that spend the most amount of money on their prom. The average cost for prom in this area is $1,528. Those in the Midwest spend an average of $738, those in the south spend an average of $1,223, and prom-goers on the West spend about $1080 for their prom event.